Cosmetic Dentistry



Enhance your smile with custom-made veneers, a tooth colored porcelain laminate. Veneers are designed to improve spaces between teeth, repair cracked, chipped or worn teeth, and can even help align crooked teeth.

Bridges & Crowns

Replace missing and broken teeth with natural looking porcelain that is stronger than your original teeth. Our new CAD/CAM digital system allows us to create new and/or repair crowns, many times within the same day.

Examples of Our Cosmetic Dentistry Work

Cosmetic Dental MakeoverCosmetic Dental Makeover
Dentistry performed by Dr. Michelle Hegedus and Andrea Hegedus CDT of Great Lakes Smile Design.

More Smiles



“I feel more confident and outgoing. I enjoy being part of the conversation and greeting everyone I meet with my new smile. I love to smile!”



“It’s amazing how something that seems so small can significantly change your life and self-esteem.”